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"There's Something Happening Here"

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

The year I graduated from High School in 1967, the iconic Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth” was released. It begins with the words, “There’s something happening here; what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

When it comes to what is really happening in the midst of God's people today, these lyrics could easily serve as the theme song of the contemporary church. Contrary to the believes of many in the contemporary church today, that “something” has nothing to do with the “New Apostolic Reformation”, another Toronto like sensation, the so-called “Asbury Revival”, some phenomenal bestseller, the popular pontifications of some church celebrity, or the manic hype of some church happening.

However, there is something happening around the world that is taking place largely under the radar of the established church. This “happening” is not spectacular, sensational, or grandiose. Instead, it is largely subtle, low-key, and largely unobserved by the natural eye. Those that are involved detest hype, the limelight, grand-standing or self-promotion of any kind. They embrace their humility, anonymity, and obscurity. Yet, they are experiencing this “happening” in their hearts and minds in a profound way.

The vast majority of churchlings are too spiritually deaf to hear what the His “still small voice” is saying to His people in this hour. They have been methodically dulled down and dumbed down by the numbing effects of churchianity for too long. Countless others are so caught up in some form of church happening that His “still small voice of God” drowned out by all the excitement and emotional hype.

But rest assured, there is indeed something happening here and His last days remnant is clearly discerning what that is. It is to them that I write. I do not write to the masses of churchianity because they don’t listen, don’t care and don’t have the spiritual discernment to recognize the truth for what it is. I no longer try to persuade them, convince them or convict them because it rarely works.

The message I speak is a message that has seldom been embraced or respected because it is not easy on the flesh. It speaks of radical change, repentance, correction, sacrifice, discipleship, and faith. It challenges the status-quo, man-made traditions and sacred cows so revered by the traditional church. Churchianity has an almost unlimited tolerance for just about everything except when it comes to God calling His people to accountability, authenticity, and change. It is a message that resonates loud and clear among the proverbial “choir of the remnant”. It is a message that has gone forth for some time now and those that don’t get it by now probably never will.

I write to those who can hear. I write to encourage them, exhort them and reassure them in what they also have been hearing from the Spirit of God. I write to those who have made the painful decision to come out of all the man-made garbage that has saturated the church for centuries. I write to those who have faced the same rejection, scorn and judgement of fellow believers because of the stand they have taken and the changes they are making. I write to those who have struggled for a long time to reach the spiritual conclusions that we now embrace - And I am writing to those who feel alone, abandoned, and ostracized because of those hard-won conclusions. Maybe You represent those who want to hear.

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