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Timely Messages Challenging His Church & Churchianity

"If anyone speaks, let him speak as the oracles of God.  If anyone ministers, let him do so according to the ability which God has given him." - (I Peter 4:11)


It has taken me many years to reach this pivotal point in my life. Over the last 54 years I have served as a Bible teacher, pastor, author and missionary.  At this late stage in my life I find myself in the role of a “Watchman”.  It is not a calling I chose but one that God called me to.


​My pilgrimage has taken me around the church block many times.  Much of what I write about has been distilled from those trips.  Many of the spiritual conclusions I have reached were forged in the church crucible of hard knocks.  One of the key truths I have learned is that there is a vast difference between authentic Christianity and manmade “churchianity".

​I write to His church.  I write to those faithful Bereans still within “churchianity” with ears to hear.  I write to those who struggle with serious questions about their Christian experience.  I write mainly to His faithful remnant who have heeded His call to “come out from among her."


​Some of you will find these articles refreshing and even confirmational.  Some will find them spiritually liberating.  Unfortunately, some of you will view my articles as radical and even disturbing.  A fair word of warning to would-be critics or naysayers who may stumble upon this body of work – This site is not for you.  -  William R. Kimball  (2021)


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