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"The Defining Traits of God's Last Days Remnant"

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

If God's last days remnant had a "Declaration of Independence" it would hold these truths to be self-evident:

1. They detest the spirit of self-promotion, spiritual posturing, celebrity worship, self-serving agendas, and the pretentious display of church status and titles. They are not seeking self-prom0tion, stardom or a fan following in any form but are content to faithfully serve God in the same anonymity as the 7,000 of Elijah’s day.

2. They have a well-developed sense of spiritual discernment when it comes to any degree of spiritual B.S., falsehood or self-seeking – even if when it is being used to promote something good.

3. They reject the spirit of self-righteousness, self-rightness and elitism. The notion of a self-righteous remnant is the antithesis of the true spirit of His remnant.

4. They reject the spirit of manmade hype – whether it is church driven hype, fad driven hype, pastoral hype, purpose driven hype, sensational movement hype, worship hype, prayer hype, formula hype, program hype, entertainment hype, conference hype, seminar hype, special speaker hype, best-seller hype, how-to hype, revival hype, end-time hype, conspiracy hype, heresy hype, political hype, "NAR" hype, or any other form of emotionally fueled hype.

5. They have no remnant headquarters or remnant meccas like Bethel, Redding, Ft. Lauderdale, Toronto, Kansas City or anywhere else. Instead, they are following in the same pioneering steps of Father Abraham in his quest to find that heavenly city made without hands. Like him, we have come out of our old familiar surroundings even though, like him, we don’t know “where we are going” but continue forward in steadfast faith and uncompromising conviction.

6. They reject the widespread paganization of Christianity that has been enshrined, arbitrarily sanctified, and institutionalized in the cherished traditions of the established church since the beginnings of the post-Constantine church.

7. They reject the Nicolaitan spirit that permeates churchianity by separating the clergy from the laity and creating artificial distinctions between the average saint and a special caste of professional ministers.

8. They reject the dynamics of innovative tampering with God’s word and will and the insatiable desire to come up with something new and exciting. They refuse to embrace the cutting-edge novelties and human know-how that drives the same Oxcart mentality of king David.

9. They have responded to the seriousness of God’s worldwide call to “come out of her”. They realize that God is calling a remnant of simple believers out of churchianity with its denominational smorgasbord and all the manmade nonsense, traditions and empty forms of Godliness that is widely embraced as authentic Christianity.

10. They understand that though God may have “winked at” the ignorance of churchianity in the past, he is no longer doing so and will not tolerate the spirit of complacency and business as usual any longer. It’s time to come out without any exceptions, waivers, excuses or exemptions.

11. Their decision is one of the heart and the head even if their decision means that they may have to stand apart and alone in their convictions. They understand that our gathering together is important but not as important as having to compromise their convictions in order to get along or settle for an anemic form of unity.

12. They understand that our gathering together is not a call to go to church or assemble in a church building but can be in many settings - from a small gathering in a house church to a coffee house, from a gathering in a park or a restaurant. It can be as small as two or three gathering together in His name wherever they find themselves.

13. They do not believe that God has called us to a relentlessly demanding yoke of performance-based servitude or a purpose driven lifestyle. His call is one of that exemplifies “Mary” far more than that of “Martha”. They understand that It is in the spirit of humble servitude we are called to serve – not in the spirit of self-assertiveness, self-empowerment, or the spirit of ambition. It is this humble lowliness of mind that we are called to walk rather than the self-striving spirit of this world. Simply put, it is the inward quality of excellence that is not driven by self at all. It is lifetime learning experience where we learn how to rest in Him, trust in Him, and wait upon Him for his leading and His timing and not our own ways and understanding.

14. They have come to understand that though they are told in no uncertain terms to “come out”, God has not told us where to go. He has purposely left that part of His call somewhat vague and open-ended for a specific reason. He has left their “post-churchianity” destination purposely vague and indeterminate because He wants a radical change of direction that only He can provide. He wants us to focus upon Him and the leading of the Holy Spirit. He is calling us out for a reason and to a destination. It is not so much to a “where” but to a “Who” – namely, “HIM”. Their number one priority and destination is to Him and His word.

15. They realize that we are called to live out our faith as His church 24/7.  They also recognize that the authentic church is comprised of saints wherever they are because they are the living stones which comprise His church and not some designated church building, holy place, cathedral or temple made with hands.

16. Those that are hearing His call to come out from all of the spiritual nonsense in churchianity can expect to become a pariah in the eyes of fellow churchgoers. They can expect to be blackballed and blacklisted as those who are “Unwanted – Dead or Alive.” They will often be marginalized, criticized, ostracized, condemned, and labeled because of the stand they have taken. The age-old tactic of killing the messenger to silence the message is often employed by labeling them as bitter malcontents, radical, contentious, backslidden, Sowers of discord, unforgiving, unloving and church haters.

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Hey Bill, Eva and I want to thank you for sowing God's word into our lives. It has rescued us more than once. We Do feel like that remnant trying to find our way between a lukewarm church on one side and a radical church on the other--but God is moving powerfully in our lives.


A friend I shared this with objected to the idea of God ever winking at sin. I said you put it in quotes for a reason and I would ask you. I wondered myself if the quote marks meant it's somewhere in Scripture.


Yepper. Been living through all the above since 1994 when I left 2nd Baptist in a city I will not disclose. I am jealous of all my time alone with my Great God and Savior, the Lover of my soul, JESUS, the Word of God.

Maranatha Saints. Have a word fed and Spirit led life 😇

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