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Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Though not everyone who claims to be a watchman is an authentic watchman, most watchmen called by God go through a progressive series of stages as they grow into their full stature and maturity as a watchman. As I have developed into the watchman I am today, I have gone through these various stages as well.

1. The beginning stage for most watchman is the teething stage. In this stage the young watchmen first cuts their teeth on their calling. It is a relatively harmless stage when the fledging watchman still believes that when it comes to warning God’s people of spiritual corruption, we must all strive to “agree to disagree, agreeably”. But this “kids-glove, live and let live” approach is doomed to fail. It is like rubbing an aspirin tablet on someone’s forehead to heal their headache. This “warm & fussy” approach may seem right, but it is largely impotent. At best it is naïve and sentimental. At worst, it is dangerous.

2. The second stage of development is the teenage stage when the watchman becomes a Christian hitman or heresy hunter. At this stage, the watchmen become more outspoken and aggressive in rebelling against spiritual adultery. They see their main mission as one that attacks any and all perceived forms of spiritual corruption. Yes, I was once a Christian hitman too.

Like the teething stage before it, it too is largely an exercise in futility. Nobody is really intimidated by them. They are not going to change the established church. All of their snarky memes and forceful “hits” are not going to convict anyone. We may beat our chests in triumph but the deceived multitudes in churchianity will not lose any sleep over what we say. As far as the overwhelming majority in churchianity is concerned, we might as well be shooting blanks.

The danger of being a Christian hitman is that it is a filthy business. It can often be like a pig rooting around in the pig slop. If we don’t guard our hearts in our maniacal pursuit of setting the world straight, our obsession can become toxic to our own spiritual wellbeing.

3. The third stage is the adult stage when the true watchman becomes fully radicalized. As their understanding matures, they inevitably reach the same point of bold spiritual conviction and fearlessness that Elijah demonstrated in his "no-holds-barred"

confrontation with the prophets of Baal. He no longer fears man. It is not unrighteous indignation, arrogant belligerence, or empty bravado - it is the conviction birthed by the Spirit of God. Though we never resort to physical violence we do not hold back in speaking the hard truths of God to His people.

This is the stage a watchman reaches when he finally understands the futility of casting his pearls before swine. This is the point when they no longer care what anyone thinks about them. They no longer hold back because of a misguided sense of love, brotherly kindness, or hesitancy to offend someone’s sensibilities. At this stage, the true watchman is constrained by God’s love to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth to God’s people no matter the cost to themselves or others.

I have come a long way since those hesitant days of a fledgling watchmen when I'd tread softly and pulled my punches. I was once a low-key watchman and then a moderate watchman. I am now a full-blown watchman who has come completely out of the proverbial closet. I am now fully radicalized because I see how pervasive and dangerous the cancer in churchianity has become. I no longer deliver harmless suggestions but inconvenient truths.

It is not the time to hold back or mince words. He is calling His people to "come out of her"! Those that I now call out to have ears to hear. There is no middle ground, exemptions, waivers, exceptions or alternatives except "Get Out"! This is a life and death struggle, and it is no time to hold back!

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Dec 25, 2023

I'm certainly a full blown watchman now! I don't care about what anyone thinks! I just want to spread the truth and nothing but the truth! At one time I remember being afraid what people might say about my post! But now it don't bother me one bit.


james ndumbi
james ndumbi
Dec 23, 2023

Amazing how you analyze the path to being a watchman with clarity...I have been through the stages.

After realizing that no one cares about my warnings, I think I became unknowingly frustrated and lost the Way myself.

God restored me by His own grace. So am back, mature and with no arm of flesh to boast in. But the three stages is something I fully identify with plus the stage where not being careful I myself fell...

Thanks for the insights.

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