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It's Extraordinary Just How Ordinary"

What stands out most about the remnant of Elijah’s day is just how ordinary they must have been. There was absolutely nothing flamboyant, sensational or newsworthy about them beyond being an anonymous company of faithful Israelites that only God had taken note of.

They were so normal, low-key and unassuming that even the prophet Elijah didn’t know they existed. He didn’t know who they were or where they were. There was nothing about them that made them stand out. The only thing that was so extraordinary about them was just how ordinary they must have been - So much so that so that they didn’t even register as a tiny “blip” on Elijah’s prophetic radar. He certainly hadn’t noticed them, heard about them or seen anything among his fellow Israelites that would have given their existence away. After Elijah had passed his mantle on to Elisha, we still never found out who this anonymous body of “called out ones” were. Only God noticed them.

There was nothing sensational, spectacular or hype-worthy to make them stand out. I have often wondered who these anonymous nobody’s were. Even though Spiritual adultery dominated the spiritual landscape these anonymous few quietly went about their daily routines in simplicity, humility and obscurity without the slightest trace of fanfare. They were quiet believers not ambitious extroverts.

To be sure, all of those throughout the history who have lusted for “signs & wonders”, spiritual hype or flocked to sensational movements and personalities the remnant of Elijah’s day wasn’t even noticed among the multitudes who openly worshipped Baal. They certainly weren’t clamoring for attention, acclaim or the praises of men. Unlike so many in the church today, they weren’t interested in self-promotion or developing a popular following. They were nothing like today’s social media wannabes, worship stars, the “who’s who” of church entertainment, bestselling celebrities or spiritual chart-setters of churchanity. They cared nothing for worldly fame or fortune. To those who crave power, spiritual hype and charismatic personalities these humble few will be looked upon as spiritually boring, old-school and uninspiring.

Maybe those who lived around them saw them as individuals of little consequence but God saw each of them as faithful servants who had taken a private stand in the integrity of their own hearts to sanctify themselves from the errors of their day. They had chosen to walk by faith, to trust in God and to quietly go about their daily rhythms as farmers, mothers, vine dressers, shepherds and shop keepers with their ears tuned to what God was saying in the midst of the darkness that surrounded them. They were not participating in the spiritual compromises of their day because they had quietly removed themselves. They were not listening to the prophetic hype of the prophets of Baal or looking to an adulterous priesthood for direction. Their focus was fixed on God and His word.

Likewise, there is a quiet remnant today who are not seeking to be spiritual stars, social media wannabes or to build a cult following. They have rejected the never-ending merry-go-round of church hype, sensationalism, and manmade “happenings”. They care nothing for the praises of men or popularity. Like the anonymous remnant of Elijah’s day, the present remnant has quietly chosen to come out of the man-made corruption and compromise of churchanity. They are no longer buying into the message of false preachers and prophets of Baal. They are the simple, everyday believers in the darkness of this age who have chosen to take a quiet stand in their hearts to no longer participate in that which undermines their simplicity in Christ.

"But we urge you brethren…that you aspire to lead a quiet life, to mind your own business and to work with your own hands as we commanded you, that you may walk properly toward those who are outside, and that you may lack nothing.” - (I Thessalonians 4:10-12).

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Love your articles! Sharing in fb and MeWe. Your labors are not in vain!♥️

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