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"The Daughters of Babylon"

Updated: May 25, 2022

"...On her forehead a name was written ¹:


Babylon, the infamous mistress of spiritual adultery, corruption and confusion continues to propagate her long sordid legacy to this day. She has spawned many harlot daughters who carry her spiritual DNA and genetic defects. Many of her daughters are estranged from their mother and want nothing to do with her. Some openly despise her. Some deny any relationship to her but follow in her footsteps under an assumed name. Many quarrel with one another like sisters are prone to do and their sibling rivalry continues to this day. Among other things, they argue over tastes, styles, makeup, apparel, appearances, popularity, friends and petty self-interests.

When Luther began to oppose Rome, He and His followers took a short step away from their allegiance to Rome but kept many of her gaudy trappings. Though he is to be commended for the initial steps he took, he and his followers were not without serious faults. ² In short order, Roman Catholics and Lutherans were killing each other in the thousands. As time progressed Lutherans warred against the Anabaptists and vice versa. The sectarian strife, discord, disunity, vitriol, and bickering continues to this day even though the ecumenical movement has made futile attempts to clean up their denominational house.

The daughters of Babylon have grown to over 40,000 denominational feminists. Some of the older sisters are huge while some of the younger ones are petite. Some, like the many Orthodox and Anglican sects, are closer to their mother in appearance and tastes. Others have sought to distance themselves altogether and appear as “protestantized” as possible. Many strongly deny that they were ever a part of her infamous genealogical lineage. It is this whorish legacy that God warns His people to come out of lest they share in her sins and the plagues that are coming. – (Rev. 18:4) That’s when the denominational tower of Babel will come crashing down.

When all the tumblers finally fall into place unlocking what the mystery of Babylon is referring to, many who have “come out of her” start to realize that they have instinctively sensed these truths deep in their spiritual gut for a long time. This explains the reason why when that moment of epiphany finally arrives it resonates so profoundly within us. These truths laid deep within our understanding like dormant seeds until they hear that voice from heaven saying, "Come out of her My people."

1. Revelation 17:5R

2. After 1526 Luther turned back to close but slightly modified form of Roman Catholic worship. He is directly responsible for the martyrdom of thousands who disagreed with him. He maintained that any Christians who publicly preached and taught the word of God should be put to death even if they taught sound doctrine. AT the end of his life he wrote, “Amongst thousands there is hardly one true Christian. We are almost pagan with Christian names.” He was guilty of many more spiritual abuses such as his belief that a person is born again through water baptism.

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