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"Strange Fire"

When Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron brought strange fire to God as an offering they were killed. I see a lot of strange fire being offered to God today by naïve and biblically illiterate Christians. It comes in the form of what many call contemporary worship. It may be perfectly acceptable to them but it is unacceptable to God.

Much of our so-called worship today is nothing but what the bible refers to as “strange fire”. Much of the saccharin worship songs churches have borrowed from pop-ministries, like “Hillsong”, “Bethel music” and “the Jesus Culture” contain empty-headed lyrics that are little more than emotional pablum and outright heresy. Yes, some are wholesome but don’t be deceived. They only serve to give legitimacy to all the music garbage infiltrating the church and the false ministries behind that music. They serve the same purpose of false teachers who include scripture in their teachings to give it a ring of authenticity. They may stir the emotions, fan the flames of crown hysteria or be exciting but they often only serve as a deceitful catalyst for furthering the false movements and doctrines they came from? It may make people feel-good and coming back for more but much of it is not really worship at all. It may be entertaining and it may arouse the emotions but it is not worship. As A.W>Tozer once said, “Worship is no longer worship when it reflects the culture around us more than Christ within us.”

If the truth be spoken it is more about worshipping worship, worshipping church imitations of secular music, worshipping the worship team's performance, worshipping pop-chart wannabes or worshipping their self-gratifying high than worshipping the Lord. We all know from experience that music is an extremely power tool in the hands of God. But it is also a very powerful tool in the hands of the devil to stir people in the wrong directions. We must never forget our own past experiences with secular music in this regard. How many of us when listing to some sentimental love song, somebody did me wrong song or some beautiful melody were either brought to tears, powerfully moved or wanted to go out and kiss flowers an butterflies. How many in a rock concert were moved to ecstatic moments of rejoicing, went hall insane without enthusiasm, lit our Bic lighters, swooned over the pretty-boy performers our threw underwear on the stage? The same exact dynamic takes place in make Christian worship venues.

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