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"There Is No Cure"

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

It is not only naïve to think that you can reform churchanity from within, but it is the height of folly to presume so. You can no more reform dead religion or manmade churchanity by staying within the system than you can reform a barrel of rotten apples by keeping a few healthy ones inside. It really doesn’t matter what denominational brand of apples are in the barrel. Not only will the rotten one’s keep on thinking they are wholesome fruit but they will inevitably start calling the healthy apples the rotten ones.

The early Christians came out of the old wine skins of Judaism. They started in purity while the Torah Christians tried to keep it locked within the straitjacket of Jewish legalism. The Reformers gave up trying to reform the Roman Catholic church from within -they just didn’t come out far enough. The pilgrims fled to the New World rather than waste their time trying to reform the Church of England but they didn’t travel far enough. So too, the faithful have always recognized the true implications of God’s cry to “Come out of her My people”. Some came out some of the way and some came out all of the way.

The genetic deformities and cancerous malignancy of the “Great Whore” of Revelation and her many harlot daughters is fundamentally incurable. Over the centuries her female descendants have continued to pass on their mother’s genetic defects - no matter how much churchanity tries to distance themselves from her. She is systemically broken and no amount of human tampering or ingenuity will ever fix that. There are no antidotes. There are no spiritual vaccination programs. Reformations won’t heal her; revivals won’t heal her and restoration won’t heal her. Her spiritual sickness is a highly contagious pandemic that continues to spread throughout churchanity. Her corruption will keep metastasizing until that Great Day of Judgement is unleashed from heaven against her and her offspring.

Churchanity has tried every remedy and placebo they can think of and none has worked. They tried every conceivable “church” fix in the form of innovative formulas, church growth strategies, miraculous cure all’s, an endless list of invigorating programs, manic inducing hype and worship services, sensational fads and celebrity snake-oil salesmen and nothing has worked. In fact, their efforts have amounted to little more than rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Furthermore, there will be no internal healings or reformations so don’t expect any.

“Coming out from among her” is the only effective solution. Remaining within in the hope that our healthy presence will somehow heal the disease is as futile as injecting live cells into a corpse in the hopes that it will somehow revive it. God does not say, “stay in her My people and try to be a positive force for change”; “work within the system to make it better”, “Be a beacon of light to those in darkness.” Neither does he say to make excuses, go into denial or look the other way. NO! He says, “Come out of her My people!”, “Get Out!”, “Flee1”, “Escape Churchanity and don’t look back!”

So, if you are entertaining any fanciful delusions of eventually turning things around, spiritual breakthrough is just around the corner or that some miracle cure will be discovered, I have a simple word of wisdom for you - forget it! He is calling His faithful remnant out - not in.

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