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"Play It Again, Sam"

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Yes, when it comes to the Christian faith, I am just an “old-school” Christian. I’m pretty simple, basic and Biblical. I found that I just didn’t need all the religious bells & whistles, church accessories or manmade packaging which I once thought were so essential to the Christian faith. I abandoned all the religious entanglements of “churchanity” a long time ago, whether it’s high church, low church or in between church. I’m not into “old-time” religion or “new-time religion”.

I’m not a Baptist, Catholic, Methodist, Church of Christ or Assembly of God. I’m not one of the trendy believers, cutting edge Christians or hyped groupie of some signs & wonders circus either. I’m not into religious rituals, liturgies, orthodoxy, fads or denominational window dressing. It wasn’t because I lost my religion but because I finally cut it loose, dumped it overboard and continued sailed toward where the Lord was leading me. Now I am what you could call “a simple Christian” who embraces the faith our fathers embraced during the early church before all the religious trappings and man-made traditions flooded in and gradually subverted our simplicity in Christ.

For many, the Jesus I know, a Christianity based on the scriptures and an abiding emphasis on a relationship of faith in Christ is something from a bygone era. To many modern-day Christians, evolved churchgoers and spiritual sensation junkies I’m a spiritual has-been. To those who are on their never-ending quest for the next spiritual “fix”, the next dynamic experience, the next "must have" program, the latest church craze or the latest best-selling book for spiritual success I’m little more than an irrelevant throwback to a time when people said “thee” and “thou” and wore silly clothes. To those who think that faith in Jesus is not enough I’m a spiritual loser. I’m a spiritual simpleton to those who feel that the modern gospel needs to be enhanced, improved and sensationalized to be more appealing, more relevant and more effective. I guess that’s because I have a simple faith that the gospel still works and doesn’t need to be fixed or tinkered with.

I used to think like those more sophisticated believers but I’ve been there and done that so many times that I finally realized that it was all "much ado about nothing". Yes, once upon a time I was one of those proud, upright-walking elitists but now I am a simple, hunched-over knuckle-dragger. Yes, I am a lowly simpleton when it comes to trusting in Jesus. Yes, I’m an old-school Christian who considers himself honored to stand among the faithful believers of the bible.

I firmly believe in what Paul so strongly stressed to the Colossian heretics who always thought there had to be more; “For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily; And YOU ARE COMPLETE IN HIM...” (Colossians 2:9,10) I also believe Jude when he affirmed that all that we need has already been given to us “Once And For All”. As he said, “I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was ONCE FOR ALL DELIVERED to the saints.” I believe in what he says - that Jesus has already given us all that we need “ONCE & FOR ALL!” This is what we are called to “earnestly contend for.”

This is what it means to truly be an “Old-school Christian” and I will continue dragging my knuckles on this long pilgrimage as I look to Jesus “the Author and finisher of my faith”.

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