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"If Jesus Came to Church"

Updated: May 14, 2022

“If Jesus made a point at showing up at one of our typical churches it would not be a joyous homecoming with a warm embrace but a knotted cord.” – William Kimball

No, He won’t be coming with those words of commendation, “Well done thou good and faithful servant” but a harsh reproof, “I never knew you.” Rest assured, the very things which Churchianity so highly esteems is an abomination to God.

He wants nothing to do with our “user friendly” Jesus, “Have It Your Way Christianity’ and never-ending festivals of hype. He isn’t glorified by our purpose driven agendas, church growth strategies and innovative “how-tos”. He is disgusted with our gospel's of greed, "it's all about me religion" and the brazen merchandising of His name.

Try visualizing Jesus sitting through a typical Sunday morning service with a warm smile of approval on His face.

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