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"Coming In or Coming Out?"

This is one of the foremost questions for Christians today. In or out? Everyone seems to be crying out for our attention. The overwhelming majority are urging us to “Come In” because their thing is “The Thing”, their message is “The Message” and their spiritual happening is “The Happening”. But some are hearing another voice apart from the hype and hysteria. It is the “still, small voice” of the Holy Spirit calling to those with ears to hear.

There are many voices speaking the complete opposite of what God is saying. Yes, The voices we hear the loudest in church circles are essentially calling for us to “COME IN” - Come to our church, come to our “happening”, celebrate our experience, join our movement, get involved in our program or be a part of our totally awesome church family. What’s more, they don’t just want to be heard, they have an insatiable need to be seen, watched, followed, liked, celebrated and praised. The truth is that their call and clamor has more to do with embracing them, their ministry and their agenda than a genuine call to embrace Christ, authenticity or His word.

In most cases the voices yelling the loudest want us to come to some kind of spiritual hype -whether it’s signs & wonders hype, apostolic hype, prophetic hype, prayer hype, fad hype, program hype, formula hype, celebrity hype or worship hype. Often their lack of credibility increases in direct proportion to the amount of noise they are making. But the voice I am hearing is not the voice of hysteria or hype. It is the “still, small voice” of God that can be heard if we pause to listen. His voice is not calling us to “come in” but just the opposite - to “come out”. This is His prophetic voice speaking contrary to all the other voices clamoring to be heard in churchanity today.

It is His voice that I have been hearing. For a season I thought I was the only one hearing it. I entertained doubts about what I was hearing but I have come to learn that more and more of His people have been hearing the same voice in many different countries. It is the voice of the Spirit of God that we are hearing, and He is speaking to you too. God is visiting His people and He is calling them out of all the religious

garbage we find in churchianity since its inception 1,700 years ago. He is calling us out to Him and the renewal of our first love. He is saying, “come out from among her my people” and “come unto me.”

At first this voice was almost imperceptible. It was hard to hear apart from all the noise and confusion. Bur I have come to hear His voice clearly telling us to “Come Out from Among Her” He is calling His people to separate themselves from all the religious nonsense and man-made confusion we have bought into for so long. It is wooing us to distance ourselves from much of what we have made churchanity into and return to Him.

His challenge is going forth throughout the earth for all of those who have ears to hear. Many stand in the “Valley of Decision”. He is presenting us with a pivotal decision - stay in or come out. You can no longer have it both ways. This is the voice of God that is calling to you. If you’ve been hearing it, it’s time to fish or cut bait. He’s calling His remnant of good and faithful servants back to basics, back to our “first love” and back to the simplicity of the gospel.

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