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"Churchianity is its Own Worst Enemy"

When I refer to the "Established Church", I am referring the mass of churches representing churchianity - not His true church. It matters little whether they are denominational, evangelical, fundamentalist, Pentecostal or some contemporary, hybrid variant. With rare exceptions, almost all end up inadvertently undermining the simplicity and authenticity found in the early church. They are their own worst enemy.

Their endless historic obsession with religiosity, manmade traditions and the so-called sanctification of paganistic temple practices was a major blow to the simplicity and authenticity found in the early church for the first 250 years.

After Emperor Constantine’s “Edict of Milan” in 312 A.D. officially designating Christianity as the official state religion, the church rapidly accelerated down the path of apostasy and spiritual corruption. Multitudes of religious rituals and pagan practices would soon be incorporated into the mainstream of the church. Many of these are fervently embraced by hundreds of millions around the world to this day. In A.D. 380 under the stimulus of Bishops Theodosius and Gratian the recognition of only one, authorized state approved church was sanctioned and legalized making all other forms of Christian gatherings and expressions of Christian assembly a criminal activity.

With the Protestant reformation came the first baby steps away from the monstrosity of Roman Catholicism only to morph into to the explosive fragmentation of sectarian denominationalism – each with their own sectarian dogmatism, religious quirks and stylistic embellishments. Many continue to this day with a plethora of protestantized

Roman Catholicism, manmade traditions and their own brands of religious window dressing. Many in the hierarchy are also fatally infected with the "Nicolaitan Spirit" which God hates so much. It is estimated that there are now over 40,000 denominations worldwide representing the ongoing propagation of "Mystery Babylon" with her notorious confusion. Hundreds of millions still cling tenaciously to these manmade variants. But with few exceptions, they all represent what Paul referred to as, "having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such people turn away.” – (II Tim. 3:5)

Today churchianity continues to metastasize into innumerable forms of spiritual corruption in their endless pursuit to be friends with the world. They have embraced cultural correctness in their seeker sensitive gospels, worship music, comfortable accommodations, self-empowerment theology, ear-tickling messages, program addiction, prosperity

preaching, feel good religion, Harry Potter “Name It & Claim It” word of faith movements, The "Nar" delusion, sensational fads, Toronto-like movements, hip hop churches and pretty-boy pastors, self-appointed apostles and prophets, social media soothsayers, new-age theology, Sosa prayer, bogus signs & wonders, innovative ox-cart builders, cutting edge success formulas endless political and social crusades and extra biblical experiences. With this in mind it is little wonder that contemporary churchianity's obsession with being relevant and appealing to the world has once again caused her to be unappealing and irrelevant to God.

There is no indication that this historic trend toward spiritual irrelevance, mediocrity and impotence should end. On the contrary it will grow even more distorted and biblically corrupt as we near the last day. It is for this reason Paul uses such strong language when exhorting us, "From such people turn away”. It is for this very reason that God has been calling His people to come out of the “Great Whore” and her many harlot daughters. - (Rev. 17:5)

Make no mistake about it, Satan loves churchianity just the way it is and actively encourages it to keep up the good work. It suits His purposes just fine if the masses get inoculated with just enough churchianity to keep them from getting the real thing. Still, His remnant has always heard His call to come out and even more so in this hour.

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T Aagard
T Aagard
15 mar 2022

There are saints in churchianty who are being deceived by the system. They are not deceivers. They are trapped. They did not invent it, but they have been led to think it is godly when it's not. The deceiver is the enemy, not the deceived. Saints who are not deceived can be God's messengers of light to go in, connect with the deceived, and plant "sees of the word of God." God will make things grow. Paul sent Timothy into churches that needed "rebuke and correction" after Paul left. We can do the same as Timothy. It's not to fix the system, but to harvest truth seekers out of the system. Just as in Christ's parable of the sower, there…

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