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Sengoku period of Japan get into the thick of it in the latest collaboration from Kevin Tancharoen and his writing team! In the story, one of the Kannushi, a . Sengoku period Japanese Buddhist monk, fails to gain the favor of the . Sengoku period monarch and the sadistic warlord asks that the monk kidnap his daughter. The monk is given three days to do so or his head. The monk must first steal a pistol from a . Sengoku period sentry in the palace and then make his way to the princess' quarters. Along the way, he will encounter other warriors from the period, face down his own strong feelings for the princess and ultimately make the best decision of his life. DYNASTY WARRIORS and SAMURAI WARRIORS have teamed up together in order to give the whole franchise a bigger, bolder and brighter look with their collaboration. These are two programs that are very specific to Japanese culture and history and that is why it is no surprise that the two programs have worked so well together in the past. The writing team of Kevin Tancharoen and Jared Riesner worked together on the script for DYNASTY WARRIORS while the art team of Daniel Santacruz and James Roberts gave us what we are looking at in the artwork for the SAMURAI WARRIORS. You can expect a mixture of the two titles in a single chapter of this manga series. A special 30th-anniversary celebration will run from November 2nd, 2017 to January 2nd, 2018, with a grand finale on January 2nd, 2018. DYNASTY WARRIORS X SAMURAI WARRIORS VOLUME 1 Cover: SAMURAI WARRIORS Illustration: The core of the story is DYNASTY WARRIORS. DYNASTY WARRIORS focuses on the headstrong and foolish Hyuuga clan of the warlordless Hyuuga in the feudal Japan that followed the Sengoku period. The Hyuuga family is led by a leader known as the . Hyuuga Clan lord who faces daily struggles to maintain his rule over the clan. Because of this, he faces a constant battle of survival against his rivals who seek to overthrow him, the . Bushi Tribe , and the Hyuuga's traditional enemies, the . Taira




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WarriorsOrochi3CrackbySKIDROWrar (Latest)

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