"Will He Find Faith When He Returns?"

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Jesus once asked the question: “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) It is a simple but sobering question concerning the extent of genuine faith he will find when He returns. His rhetorical question, by its very nature, implies that the quality of faith He will be looking for will be a very precious commodity that will not be widespread.

This question has challenged me for years. What kind of faith will He be looking for exactly? Will He be looking for the “feel good” kind of faith we see so often in the churches today? Will He be looking for the man-made Jesus many churches have fabricated to satisfy their self-serving desires? Will He be looking for those who have placed their faith more in governments, in political leaders, in institutions, in science or the know‑how of man? Will He be looking for those who have put their trust in innovative ideas, church programs, spiritual formulas, emotional enthusiasm, sensational movements, church fads, celebrity leaders, ear‑tickling teachings or in the pursuit of signs & wonders? Will He be looking for those who have placed their confidence in church organizations, impressive buildings, or denominational systems? Will He be looking for those who have placed more faith in the power of God rather than the person of God? And, what about those who have invested more in theological correctness, doctrinal ”rightness”, ministerial agendas, and good works than in a personal relationship with Jesus?

Meanwhile the “Dominion Theology”, “Kingdom Now Theology” and “New Apostolic Reformation” fanatics will remain fixated in a state of spiritual megalomania and delusions of grandeur envisioning themselves taking over the kingdoms of this world, capturing their seven fanciful mountains and establishing the Kingdom of God on our kingdom of dirt. Given the sad state of Churchanity in the world today, I find this teaching to be not only be ludicrous but laughable. I for one do not see a great end‑time harvest either. The current wave of church hype that so many are going bonkers over- has nothing to do with any end-time revival of God either.

Yet, I do see an end‑time remnant who are being stirred by the Spirit of God at this present hour to return to their first love and to come out of all the religious nonsense and man‑made systems that multitudes have bought into. What I see besides the rampant complacency, worldly compromise and systemic corruption of authentic Christianity by multitudes who profess to be His followers is a largely lukewarm church that is experiencing a “great falling away” from the faith once delivered to the church.

What I see Jesus finding when He returns is a remnant of steadfast believers who have not bought into the plethora of false teachings, celebrity con-artists and heretical movements sweeping through the body. I see a remnant who have heeded the call of the Holy Spirit and have indeed “come out from her” and all the man‑made garbage and hype saturating the church.

I see Jesus coming back for a remnant of “wise virgins” who prepared. I see Him looking for authentic faith in Him and Him alone. I see Him finding a body of believers whose “hope is built on nothing less than Jesus’ blood and righteousness.” In that day He will be looking for a remnant of “good and faithful servants” who have not bowed their knees to the world whether it is found in the world or within the church. Many have always been called but few have always responded.

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