"What is Being a Christian?"

Being a religious person does not make you are a Christian. Being spiritually minded does not make you a Christian. Being an "old soul" does not make you a Christian. Neither does being a good person, going to church, being a Roman Catholic, belonging to a specific denomination, believing in the Ten Commandments, practicing the “Golden Rule”, being baptized in a church, going on a religious pilgrimage, attending a mega-church in Houston, reading “The Shack”, living a purpose driven life, going to a Christian rock concert, being a "Hollywood Christian", reciting the Lord’s Prayer, saying “Hail Mary’s”, having Christian friends, being married to a Christian, doing good works, giving to the Salvation Army at Christmas, living a good life, loving others, winning the Nobel Peace Prize, being a conservative, belonging to the Republican party, giving to charities, wearing a crucifix, praying, listening to Elvis sing "The Old Rugged Cross", owning a family bible, celebrating Christmas and Easter, having a cross on your wall, believing in God, believing Jesus existed or calling yourself a Christian.

Being a genuine Christian means “Just as I am without one plea, but that His blood was shed for me.” It means denying yourself and picking up your cross to follow Him daily.

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