"The Main Thing"

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

Rupert Pickens was a newly hired salesman who was on the road when he wrote his first report to the home office. It stunned the top brass in the sales department because it showed that the new sales-rep was apparently a bumbling illiterate. The letter read: "Deer Boz, I haz visatated this here outfit which ain't nevur bot a dimes woth of nuthin' from uz. an I dun solt em a cupple hundirt thousen dollers wurth of guds. I is now goin two Shecogo." -Rupert Pickens Before the illiterate salesman could be fired by the infuriated sales manager, another letter arrived from Chicago: "Deer Boz, I cum hear an solt 'em haf a millyun!" - Rupert Fearful if he fired him and fearful if he didn't, the manager decided to drop the problem into the lap of the firm's president. The following morning, the sales force was amazed to see the two letters posted on the bulletin board accompanied by this memo from the president: "Deer Stav, We be a spendin two much tyme tryin' to spel insted of tryin' ta sell! Let’s watch them's sells. I want everone ta reed these ledders frum Rupert who iz doin a grate job for uz and yew shud go out and do like he dun! Let's remembur whut tha Main Thing iz!" -The President The lesson of the story is this: "The Main Thing Is To Always Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing!" But what is the main thing to God? This is underscored in the story of the lawyer who came to Jesus with a question. This man was an “Expert in the Law” and had no doubt thought long and hard in order to craft the perfect question. He asked Jesus; “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” Jesus asked him what he understood from the scriptures. The man said, “You shall love the Lord with all your heart...soul...and strength, and your neighbor as yourself.” To this Jesus said; “You have answered rightly.” The lawyer was spot on. It all revolved around the issue of, “relationship”. As far as God is concerned, this is “The Main Thing.” In countless ways, the very concept of “relationship” plays center stage in God’s plan. Relationship is at the very core of what He considers “The Main Thing.” In fact, having an intimate, personal relationship with God is what separates authentic Christianity from all other forms of dead religion.

The “Main Thing” in God’s eyes boils down to the quality of our personal relationship with Him and our relationship with our fellow man. - (Luke 10:25‑28) When all of our good works have been weighed in the balance, all of our purpose driven lives played out, all the visions fulfilled, and all the ministerial agendas exhausted it will all come down to our relationship with Him and others. As Paul said, “that I may know Him...” (Philippians 3:10). This was His lifelong quest ‑ not that he might know “about Him” or “what to do for Him” but that “he might know Him” intimately. And in that day Jesus will also make a confession a very personal saying to each of us. It will either be “I never knew you” or “I know you.” And to those who invested themselves in relationships and service to others He will say, “In as much as you did it unto one of these you did it unto me.”

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