"Some of My Favorite Personal Quotes"

“When you start thinking more highly of yourself than you should it's time to remember that you still have only feet of clay.” – William Kimball

“Never underestimate the speed of Gossip” – William Kimball

“Christians who boast about what they have accomplished for God are like the tick sitting on the rump of an ox boasting about how well he is plowing the field” – William Kimball

"Some leaders use their ministries to build people; Other leaders use people to build their ministries." - William Kimball

“Over the years I’ve come to realize the sobering reality that self-serving ambition is often disguised as spiritual passion, church busyness and godly zeal.” - William Kimball

"God Is far more interested in an ounce of faith than a ton of hype." William Kimball

“True love has more to do with ‘what can I do for you’ rather than ‘what can you do for me.’" - William Kimball

“We’re not the reason the gospel works. The gospel is the reason the gospel works.”- William Kimball “

"The two greatest keys to a successful marriage can be summed up with two words: "Give" and "Forgive". – William Kimball

"Even When We Are Truly Grateful, We Will Never Be Grateful Enough. It Will Take Eternity." - William Kimball

“Most of the greatest minds that ever lived were dumb as a stump when it came to the things of God. The vast majority of history’s greatest geniuses and intellectuals went to their graves absolutely clueless about the saving knowledge of the gospel. (I Cor. 2:6-15)” – William Kimball

"Political Correctness is little more than the pathetic attempt of secular humanists to apply their alternate version of morality upon an amoral society" - William Kimball

“The Jesus we see in the Gospels was neither political, a political activist nor politically correct." - William Kimball

"One of the greatest delusions of our day is the belief that the political process will save America." - William Kimball

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