"Satan's Last Day's Strategy for the Church"

Paul warns us not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices lest he take advantage of us. This is true on a personal level as well as the church as a whole. His tactics and strategies for undermining the effectiveness of the church and leading multitudes into spiritual deception in these last days are as follows: He won't use the obvious. He will use subtlety, secrecy and seduction. He will work insidiously within the church and use many of our own leaders, ministries and organizations to work against us. He will use just enough scriptural truth to give his tactics legitimacy but will distort it just enough to lead the biblically illiterate and deceivers further astray. He will use charismatic personalities, sensationalism, emotionalism, music and entertainment to deceive the simple. He will aggressively encourage church hype of all kinds, emotional deception, extra-biblical experiences, ear-tickling messages and false “signs & wonders” which will subtly be exalted above scriptural truth. He will raise up leaders who will encourage extra-biblical truths and encourage followers to minimize the importance of God’s word if it doesn’t support their beliefs, emotions or subjective experiences. He will promote a variety of church growth strategies, feel good teachings, self-empowerment theology, spiritual fads, cutting edge ideas and human ingenuity to lead men to trust in their own understanding rather than the teachings of His word. He will encourage Christians to pursue political causes, social agendas and moral crusades to divert our attention, time and energy away from the preeminence of the gospel and the "Great Commission." He will abundantly prosper false ministries, mega churches and sensational church movements which promote deceitful teachings and then point people to their supposed success as an example of divine blessing to further lead the gullible and ignorant astray. He will compromise the scriptures and the true gospel by promoting “cultural correctness”, tolerance and accommodation under the guise of Christian love and contemporary relevance. He will encourage the spread of a “seeker sensitive” approach to reaching people which will tone down the offensive elements of the gospel such as the cross, repentance, judgement and discipleship in order to make it more appealing to the masses so that it will attract multitudes of nominal Christians who will then be inoculated with just enough churchanity to keep them from getting the real thing. He will promote a brand of comfortable churchanity with as many convenient accessories, exciting programs and church amenities as possible to attract multitudes of pacified church‑goers who will be lulled into a false state of worldly contentment, lukewarmness and complacency. He will openly promote teachings which assure people of material prosperity, self‑empowerment and their God given right to happiness in order to embrace a “Love of the world” spirt within the church. He will encourage a “Jesus Plus” mentality which will constantly be seeking to find some elusive new formula, church fad or cutting-edge program for spiritual success so that the simple foundations of our faith and sound teaching will be marginalized and even removed.

Finally, and most seductively of all, he will use the final great test of prosperity to lull God’s people into a lukewarm state of complacency, worldly comfort, passivity and a consumer driven lifestyle in order to undermine their spiritual discernment, effectiveness and authenticity. He will lull Christians into a false state of spiritual contentment, fullness and self-sufficiency to the point where they will think like the Laodiceans who boasted that they were “rich, wealthy and in need of nothing” when in fact they were "wretched, miserable, poor, blind and naked.” - (Revelations 3:14-17)

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