"Sail On Sailor, Sail On"

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

We’ve been sailing for a long time on the good ship “Deliverance”. Many a year have passed since we first set sail. Many of you share these same reflections about our voyage.

I been at sea almost seventy-two years now. As I’ve steered for home I can look back and see that it has seldom been smooth sailing. I’ve experienced much on this long voyage. There were monotonous days aimlessly afloat on an endless sea with no wind in my sails. There were seasick days with gale force winds and towering seas. I’ve weathered mutinies, men overboard, battles at sea and the threat of pirates. Even with my best efforts as a seaman there were countless times when I didn’t have a clue where I was and often struggled with the sinking feeling that I was hopelessly adrift on storm-tossed seas. But still, I sailed on.

Even when the fog was so thick it eclipsed the sun, I had to draw courage from the knowledge that His way is in the sea, and His path is in the great waters”. The captain of my soul knows the sea and the way through it. He has reminded me often that He is more than capable of steering me through all the uncharted seas that lay ahead – even through dire straits, treacherous shoals and the deepest night.

I must confess, when all is said and done, that it has not been because of my many experiences at sea or my navigational skills as an able seaman that I have come safe thus far but by the hand of the Helmsman upon my shoulder and His calming voice encouraging me onward; “Easy mate. Steady as she goes.” Even when it seemed that I had lost my way He was faithful to steer me back on course and renew that enduring hope that this long voyage will come to an end one day when my feet touch that heavenly shore. Through it all He has whispered to my soul, “Sail on sailor - sail on.”

The fog that often seemed so all consuming has gradually lifted. I can see clearer now and things are not as vague as before. As I near home port I can see the distant shore and the light from the lighthouse beckoning me to safe harbor. The light is shining brighter the closer I get. His hand is on my shoulder still and His comforting voice speaks softly, “Steady as she goes. You’re almost home. That perfect day looms dead ahead.”

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