"May The Force Be With You"

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In “Star Wars” the “Force” was a mysterious force working in a supernatural capacity to empower the Jedi Knights to do dynamic exploits for the cause of good in the cosmic conflict between good and evil. Many popular teachings about the nature of faith are much the same as the “Force” that Christians can tap into for the sake of righteousness.

Contrary to the “Word of Faith” movement (often called the “Name it & claim it"/ "Confess it & possess it" / “mouth over matter” heresy) there is no resident power in faith. Faith is not the Christian equivalent of the “Force” in Star Wars which we are challenged to tap into. Faith is not some potential force within each of us just waiting to be unleashed. Faith is not about harnessing some abstract force within us which is only waiting to be awakened if you know the right keys to conjure it forth. Faith is not some mystical means of manipulating the hands of God. It’s not even really about getting “greater faith” in and of itself.

Greater faith is not about huffing & puffing to work up more faith but simply letting go and trusting in God. It’s not about unlocking a spiritual formula for tapping into some inner force but in humbly releasing all of your self-striving to God. The true power of faith is not in “us” but in “Him”. It’s about believing in Him, in trusting Him and in dependence in Him. As it said about the father of faith, Abraham; “And Abraham believed God.” (Not that Abraham “believed”. Not that Abraham had faith. BUT that “Abraham BELIEVED GOD.” (Romans 4:3) This is the “faith” God is looking for in us. This is the faith that pleases God. This is the faith that works! It really is not about having “greater faith” but about having “faith in a greater God.” As Jesus said to the Jews; “Then they said to Him, ‘What shall we do that we may work the work of God?’ Jesus answered them, ‘This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent.’ “ - (John 6:28 & 29)

This is the faith He is talking about. The faith that looks too Him - The faith that trusts in His word, the faith that doesn’t depend on feelings, or sight, or happenings, or any of our own pumped up effort. Real faith is the act of giving it gives it to God and leaving it with Him to answer and take care of. It doesn’t keep worrying over it like a dog with a bone or repeatedly taking it back again to work up some new and improved approach, formula or earnestness. It is a faith that is not looking to find the right emphasis or combination of actions to be a success. It’s about His promise that if we trust God with all of our hearts and lean not to our own understanding, He will direct our steps. Faith is not about us but about Him.

Therefore, let us keep “Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith". For without the faith that looks to Him our faith is empty and without any possibility of pleasing God. (Hebrews 11:6 & 12:2)

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